Upcoming Event: “Photo Walk” in the scenic Lalbagh Gardens

Didn’t know about it? Use the contact form below to enroll for the event.

The ‘Photo Walk’ is going to be conducted by a group called Lets Click which conducts regular workshops for Photography newbies in and around Bangalore.
It is going to be conducted for us either on the first or second Sunday of December. The duration will be for 3hrs and you will be taught the basics of Cameras
and Photography techniques. One of the main objectives of this event apart from the obvious one of learning Photography is to meet others in the group, which
was one of the reasons these Networking Clubs were created in the first place. Please make use of this oppurtunity and try to attend the club’s first event!

Also, consider subscribing to the blog for updates.

Note: Open only to Motorola Bangalore Employees at this time. Email and any other personal info will be kept confidential.

More info on Lets Click and the ‘Photo Walk’ can be found at http://letsclick.in/photo-walk.html

Please mention your CoreID in the message.

============ SIGNUP FOR THE EVENT IS CLOSED ==================

If hitting ‘Submit’ doesn’t give you a success response, then please retry or consider adding an extra sentence in the message body if it has just one or two words.


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