Photowalk Experiences and well, Photos!

I feel obligated to write something witty before typing the main content for this post. So, I’m going to start off with this quote,

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ” ~Ansel Adams

To take good photographs you need to know your camera. And what’s a better way to do this than by going out with a bunch of like-minded people to take pictures of nature where it is both fun and informative. The Photowalk conducted by Letsclick did just that.  Thanks to the Letsclick team and to all Moto Photographers who braved the cold winter (Sunday) morning and made it to the event. Below are some experiences and photographs from the event.


Before the photowalk I was not kinda worried about missing my sleep early on a Sunday morning:-) But the event was very much worth missing my sleep:-) Let me tell my level of expertise in photography. I am a beginner to photography, with very little knowledge about using a camera other than in the auto mode. And as everyone I am fascinated with beautiful images and have a desire to capture few such images. And I don’t own a camera as of now! Photography terms like shutter speed, aperture, depth of field were kind of strangers to me. But now after the photowalk, not that I know everything, but when someone speaks of them, I know what they are speaking about. I was with a few passionate photographers, who were willing to teach. What more can I expect. Some tips here and there, some suggestions, some experimenting with the camera, altogether it was fun. It was a lot of learning in a day. Desperately waiting to try my hands on a camera now. Hope I will be able to choose a good camera with the little bit of knowledge I have gained and work on better photography. And of course would love to join such an event again. 🙂

Suman Nath

Its a good starting point for those who want to migrate to a SLR camera from a point and shoot camera. The basic concepts of focal length, aperture and film speed was explained nicely. Explanation could have been better if more slides with diagrams are carried by the instructor instead of just text.
Overall a a very nice session for a duration of 3 hrs.


It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the Photo walk.. I need to do a lot of research to even find out what more i could learn. Being an amateur at it, they have exposed me to fascinating aspects of photography. I think this photo walk has made me feel that i have taken up a hobby which i can pursue as long as i live.


As a beginner, I found the session extremely helpful. The basic session on Cameras and Techniques coupled with the hands-on session with the camera was the best way to teach someone who has just started exploring photography. It’s refreshing to interact with a group of passionate people whose primary interests are something different than the people I’m around most of the time. For me, the best part of the event was meeting other people with similar interests. It was really fun to just click and talk about topics ranging from photography to scuba diving locations!

Photo Gallery

(Photographer’s name prefixed to each pic)


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